Indoor Air Quality in Colorado Springs and Surrounding Area

Your indoor air quality is very important in terms of your family’s health and enjoyment inside of your Colorado Springs home. Basset Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. have a wide range of products to improve your indoor air quality in Colorado Springs. Below are some of the indoor air quality products we offer.

Electronic Air Cleaners/Air Filters

The Electronic Air Cleaner is installed between the return air ductwork and the furnace. The air cleaner replaces the traditional furnace filter. Power is supplied to the air cleaner by tapping into the power supply to the furnace. In most cases, the furnace will already have an outlet the air cleaner can be plugged in to. Some minor ductwork changes may be required to install the air cleaner. An electronic air cleaner works by charging particles in the air and then collecting them using an opposite charge, like a magnet. Because small particles are charged, the electronic air cleaner is much more efficient than traditional filters. Very small particles that would normally pass through a filter, such as smoke and dust, are captured along with larger particles.

Whole House Humidifiers

A whole-house humidifier usually attaches between the hot air ducts and cold air return. Some of the hot air which is flowing into the house is diverted into the humidifier, where it picks up water in one of several ways. Because this air is hot and is at fairly high pressure, it can hold a lot of vapor. The hot air from the humidifier is then fed into the cold air return, where it is heated again, causing all of the water droplets to be vaporized and completely absorbed into the air. It is then blown out of the vents into the house.

The Reme Guardian Air system…the best air purifier available

A Reme Guardian Air system is an excellent way to eliminate indoor air pollutants such as odors, mold, viruses, allergens, germs, and particulates for your Colorado Springs Home. At Basset, we recommend REME Guardian Air’s Advanced Oxidation system. With this system, Microorganisms can be reduced by 99%. Advanced Oxidation Plasma will be carried throughout the ducts and rooms for a continuous purification process and a quick kill of newly introduced odors or microbials.

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