Importance of HVAC system maintenance

Importance of HVAC system maintenance

Now that warmer weather is upon us here in the Colorado Springs area, it cannot be overstated about the importance of HVAC system maintenance. We routinely see many service calls come in every air conditioning season regarding complaints about the AC system is not cooling well, or not cooling at all. Often we find that a little preventive maintenance would have corrected the problem.


Water leaking from air conditioner coil

Summary: This is often an easy and inexpensive fix. However, if the water leaks on other components for too long, it could damage more expensive parts. Contact us to get a quick repair quote.

Water is leaking from my Air Conditioner (AC) coil

Every year we receive calls from frantic homeowners stating that there is water leaking from the air conditioner coil on top of the furnace. Since your home’s central air conditioner does not use water to cool the home, where does this water come from? And why is it leaking?

Where does the water on my AC coil come from?

Water leaking from air conditioner coilSplit-system AC units produce condensation moisture on the indoor evaporator coil while removing humidity from inside the home. This moisture runs down the coil and into a drain pan located below the coil, where it is then diverted out to a drain (normally a floor drain, or into a condensate pump if no floor drain is available).

If water is leaking out from the edges of the coil, and onto and down the side of the furnace and onto the floor, chances are you have a plugged drain opening that is causing the drain pan to overflow. It’s also possible that your drain pan is cracked, or in the cases of older coils, rusted through. But well over 95% of these situations are merely caused by a plugged condensate drain, which is easily corrected.

If you see water leaking out from your indoor AC coil, it is very important to have this repaired immediately. Not only can the leaking water cause damage to the home’s floor, carpet, etc, but water leaking into the furnace can result in damaged components and expensive repairs. Turn off your AC unit immediately if you notice a leak from the coil, and contact us to have the problem corrected.

Do you have water around your furnace or AC coil?

In most cases, this is just an easily-corrected minor problem. But if left alone, it can result in expensive repairs.

Schedule an appointment for a no-obligation estimate to see if your unit needs repair and how much that will be. We are a repair-first company and want to help you keep your system running as long as possible.

air conditioning spring checklist

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Now that warmer weather is upon us here in the Rockies, it’s important to ensure your home’s AC air conditioning spring checklist is in order and that your air conditioning system is ready for the months ahead. We highly recommend that you have your AC system serviced and inspected yearly by a qualified HVAC company. In the meantime, here are a few things homeowners can check to prep the AC system for use.


hvac home service agreements

hvac home service agreements give the homeowner the piece of mind of knowing that their home’s heating and cooling equipment will be serviced and inspected on an annual basis. This is important for several reasons. By having your furnace and air conditioning systems serviced and inspected on a routine basis, not only will you insure your equipment is running at peak efficiency, but also it will prolong the life of the equipment by keeping the system clean and in peak operating condition. hvac home service agreements are a wise investment for your home.


furnace troubleshooting

Today we will cover some basic furnace troubleshooting. Now, all furnaces are not created equally. There’s quite a difference between a newer, modern furnace that utilizes electronic ignition and a furnace that is 30 years old and uses a standing pilot light. When it comes to furnace troubleshooting, not all answers will apply to all furnaces. So we’ll just cover some of the more common issues related to older furnaces and cover newer furnaces in a later blog.


Good indoor air quality

Does your home have good indoor air quality? IAQ (indoor air quality) problems may arise from inadequate temperatures within the home, humidity levels, poor air circulation, filtration or ventilation system issues. Other factors that can contribute to poor IAQ are indoor air contaminants, such as chemicals, dust, mold or fungi, bacteria, gases, vapors and odors. In addition, lack of enough fresh air intake from the outdoors can compound the problem.


Best air conditioning system

Often I am asked by Colorado Springs homeowners what the Best air conditioning system is to have installed in their home. Is it Trane? Lennox? Rheem? Amana? Or another brand entirely? I will then ask them what is it specifically they desire from a new AC system? Generally the answer is almost always the same….they want a system that will cool their home effectively, efficiently and one that’s dependable. Cost is also a consideration in many cases, although it is not always the deciding factor.


emergency furnace repair service

If you find yourself in need of emergency furnace repair service and you live in the Colorado Springs area or a neighboring community such as Falcon, Fountain, Security-Widefield or Monument, you’re just a phone call away from having a licensed, trained and professional HVAC service technician at your door ready to fix that troublesome heating system in your home.


Colorado Springs furnace repair & replacement

Colorado Springs furnace repair & replacement services by Basset Heating & AC are available to homeowners and landlords via a quick phone call to our main office at 719-392-0032, or you may contact us through our website using the form below.