Central Air Conditioning Unit

Often I am asked by Colorado Springs homeowners what the Best air conditioning system is to have installed in their home. Is it Trane? Lennox? Rheem? Amana? Or another brand entirely? I will then ask them what is it specifically they desire from a new AC system? Generally the answer is almost always the same….they want a system that will cool their home effectively, efficiently and one that’s dependable. Cost is also a consideration in many cases, although it is not always the deciding factor.

The Best air conditioning systems are usually not the cheapest, nor the most expensive. The Best air conditioning system for your home is one that will provide you with years of reliable comfort, occur minimal breakdowns, and is easy to maintain and service. Whether it’s a Trane, Lennox, Rheem, Carrier, Goodman or Amana, the most reliable air conditioning systems are generally ones that have been sized properly and installed professionally.
In other words, the quality of the installation goes a lot further in determining the performance and dependability of the system, than the actual brand itself.
Most central AC systems utilize common components, such as scroll compressors manufactured by Copeland, and condenser fan motors made by Generel Electric. You see, many of the components found in newer AC systems are very similar if not identical. Most capacitors are manufactured in the same country, as are condenser contactors. So why does one AC system perform flawlessly while another seems to break down every year?
In most cases, it is because of the initial installation of the system.
A system that is too small or too large will not cool your home properly. A system that was not properly evacuated, leak tested and correctly charged at installation will cause you to experience under-performance, yearly repairs and endless frustration. The benefits of a properly installed AC system far outweigh the brand of the system. I’ve seen very expensive brands that experience problems constantly while “cheaper”, lesser known brands perform without a hitch year in and year out.
Something as simple as failing to properly evacuate a new system during installation could result in a catastrophic failure of the compressor within a few years (or less) of installation. You see, if any moisture is present in the refrigerant lineset at start-up (due to improper evacuation or worse yet, no evacuation), that moisture can lead to an acidic condition when mixed with the refrigerant, and this will eventually cause the compressor to fail.

New AC being installed

So if you’re wanting the Best air conditioning system for your home, be sure you are getting the “best” installation available. Many companies cut corners on installation in order to “low bid” the job. This could cost you much more in the long run. A quality installation greatly increases your odds of having a new AC system that will provide you with years and years of dependable operation.
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