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Thomas was extremely professional and went above and beyond the other three companies we had come out to bid on our new heating system. Basset Heating will be our heating and cooling company of choice, hands down!
Alexandria H.
Basset installed a central AC only 3 days after receiving a quote from them. They gave me the best price out of 6 quotes from around town. Bobby did a great and clean job on the install and was super nice and professional. I will be using Basset for all my heating/cooling/plumbing needs going forward.
Jesse T.
Thomas was my technician. I had my blower motor and evaporator coil cleaned. All I can say is great service with integrity. Another company tried to quote me the same service for about $2000 more due to my furnace being in a tight location in the crawl space saying they needed to take everything apart and pump down the system. Thomas informed me that none of that was required, and completed the service in about 1.5 hours! I highly recommend using them for your future needs, as I will, because they do quality work without trying to rip off the customer, as was attempted in my situation. Thomas was extremely friendly, and thoroughly explained the answers to the questions I had as well. Once again, I highly recommend them.
Daniel H.
Thomas was my technician today - I first got a text (which I found hilarious) letting me know he was on his way, and he called as well. He was very professional, well-spoken, and was almost immediately able to diagnose my first issue. After he was able to go get the part and come back he discovered a second, much more dangerous issue. That no one else had even noticed. Kudos to Thomas for his quick thinking and can-do attitude.
Amber L.