Water Heater Replacement in Colorado Springs and Fountain CO

water heater repalcement colorado springsThere are many responsibilities that come with owning a home, whether you reside in it or use the property as a source of income. Among those things is ensuring that the building has hot water. This helps to maintain the value of the property, as well as the comfort of anyone who is living there. As a result, water heater replacement will come up on your to-do list if you own the property long enough.

Ready for an upgrade? Consider a tankless water heater!

We not only replace standard hot water heaters, but we also replace tankless water heaters as well. If your tankless hot water heater is broken beyond repair (which we can often do), we will suggest replacing one.

If you’re interested in switching from a standard gas or electric hot water heater to a tankless system, be sure to ask our technician if it’s a good fit for your Colorado Springs home.

Before you start shopping around for a new hot water heater, you need to be sure that it needs replacement. This might be because it is broken and too expensive to fix. However, that is not the only scenario where choosing a new water heater is a good idea.

Outdated models can use up a lot of electricity or gas. You can find ones with much better energy usage ratings than a decade ago. Replacing the water heater can save you money each month on your power bill, meaning that it will begin paying for itself immediately.

While you can opt for one that uses the current power source, you might also be considering water heater replacement with a solar-supported system. Not only does this choice reduce your power consumption, but it is also better for the environment!

Replacing your current water heating system with a tankless model is yet another way that you can save power each month. These models are quite efficient because they only operate when water is being used.

Replacing water heater in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas

Models that store the hot water in a tank operate on and off around the clock. Whenever the temperature drops below a certain level, the heating element kicks back on until it meets the designated temperature. Turning on the water long enough to wash your hands will flood cold water into the tank, requiring the unit to turn back on. During the wintertime, the frigid water takes even longer to heat up.

water heater replacementHowever, a tank-less heating system doesn’t have that problem. While they are a bit more, these are the best option for saving some cash in the long-term. It can also provide you with a good selling point when you are ready to put the place on the market.

As you can see, there are several scenarios where purchasing a new water heater is a good idea. No matter what the cause, you have plenty of options for the new unit. There are several factors that you should consider when choosing your new heater, including how much usage you expect out of it. For instance, a five-bedroom home filled with kids will have a significantly different profile than a small one-bedroom cottage with a single resident.

Find a qualified and reputable heating company in Colorado Springs that can help you determine the best system for your home and budget. Remember that a new hot water heater is an important investment for your home. Take the time to weigh your options carefully before you decide which route to go with this essential home appliance.

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Note: in Pueblo County, we are unable to install or replace water heaters as it requires a special license from Pueblo. All other locations are eligible for this service.