Water Heater Maintenance Colorado Springs and Fountain CO

water heater maintenance colorado springsIf you want your water heater to last, you need to know how to complete water heater maintenance. There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that your water heater is performing at its best. If you are unsure about where to start with water heater maintenance, there are a number of tips that you can use to help you.

Test The TPR Valve

The TPR valve, or the temperature-pressure release valve, will generally be located on the top or side of the water heater tank. This valve is the one which will open when the pressure in the water tank gets too high. It is important that this valve works correctly as it will ensure that there is enough pressure and that the pressure does not build up too much.

To test the valve, you will need to turn off the power and the cold water supply valve. You need to place a bucket under the pipe which is connected to the valve and then lift the valve tab to let some water out. You should then let go of the tab and take note of whether or not more water flows out. If the water keeps running out, you need to drain the tank halfway and then install a new valve.

Check The Anode Rod

The anode rod is an important part of your water heater system and you need to check it. To get to the rod, you will need to attach a hose to the drain cock of the tank and let out a bit of water. You can then be able to unscrew the rod with a socket.

When you have the rod out, you should look at the amount of calcium which coats it. If the road has is coated with calcium or appears to be less than half an inch thick, you need t replace it. If the rod is mostly clear of calcium and has not shrunk too much, you can put it back into the heater.

Drain The Tank And Wash Out Sediment

After you have looked at the anode rod, you should consider draining the tank and washing out the sediment. You might be surprised at the difference that this can make to the whole system. Once all of the water is out of the tank, you will need to open the cold water supply for a brief moment.

This cold water will stir up the sediment at the bottom of the tank. You will then be able to drain this sediment-filled water. You need to repeat this process until the water that is drained is clear. You should then close the drain cock, refill your tank and then turn the power back on.

There are a number of maintenance tasks that you can complete to ensure that your water heater is working correctly. Checking the internal components is important, but you need to ensure that you are safe when doing this. It is vital that you always turn off the power and close the water supply before you start.

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