This company is fantastic! I had two properties to look at for a tune-up and system check. I loved how they sent a text with a picture and short bio of their service rep beforehand.

Thomas arrived early and was very thorough in the tune up and explained everything that was going on with the system. The prices were very good and the Basset Club Plan is such a great deal to help save us on parts and labor.

The other house had more major concerns. He walked us through all of our options, the reason behind each one, and the reason some parts may cost more than anticipated (it’s not Basset, but our specific manufacturer that charges a lot for the parts we need.) He was very kind and empathetic and didn’t pressure us or bully us into an expensive or a new system. The company gave us time to consider our options and discuss as a family.

I could not be more pleased with Basset Heating and would recommend them to anyone!