why is my furnace blowing cold air?

“Why is my furnace blowing cold air?” is a question I hear often.  It’s a legitimate question. After all, aren’t furnaces supposed to blow warm air? 

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Furnace Repair in Colorado Springs

Furnace Service in Colorado Springs

Has your furnace suddenly stopped working? If your furnace has stopped heating your home in the Colorado Springs area, there are numerous possibilities as to what the problem may be.
Many times a malfunctioning furnace can simply be a maintenance issue where a professional cleaning and tune up will have your system back up and running to peak performance levels.

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What to do: Furnace stopped working

What to do: Furnace stopped working. We frequently receive calls from sometimes frantic homeowners during the winter months, stating my furnace has stopped working. Of course this is certainly an issue when your home suddenly feels like the inside of a refrigerator! Sometimes the problem can be a simple fix.

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