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We're a repair-first company. If it can save you money to fix, we recommend a repair and tune-up. System replacements are expensive, so we only recommend that as a last resort.

We're happy to take a look at your furnace or boiler, evaluate what needs to happen, and give you honest answers and affordable estimates.

Commercial HVAC

Industrial Furnace and Commercial Heating Repair & Installation in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, & Fountain CO

Commercial furnace and heating systems have a lot of demand and stress on the system. Depending on how much and for how many hours a day it is used, it may stop performing optimally after just a few years of purchase. Basset Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can come do a full inspection, maintenance, and if needed, repairs or replacements of your commercial HVAC system. We have expert technicians who can diagnose any type of problem.

Commercial Furnace Repair for Optimal Performance

Especially in the cold Colorado Springs climate, your commercial furnace can stop working completely. You may be in need of an emergency repair service for your commercial heater. There is no need to work in cold workplace when your industrial heater stops functioning properly.

Our Expert Team

We have a team of talented commercial HVAC technicians who have vast knowledge and experience in this field. They are experts in repairing different makes and models of commercial HVAC systems.

Looking for commercial HVAC repair companies in Fountain, Black Forest, Colorado Springs our service Areas? Give Basset Heating and Air Conditioning a call today! 719-392-0032

Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair Services in Colorado Springs & Fountain

Boilers provide heat and hot water in a home. Every so often, boiler repair becomes necessary. Like everything else, a boiler can develop problems. Boiler repairs can be conducted without calling a plumbing company. Minor repairs can grow into major issues if they aren’t handled by an experienced and professional repair company. At Basset Heating & Air Conditioning, our boiler technicians and engineers will get the job will be done right the first time, every time.

Common Boiler Problems

The Boiler Doesn't Produce Heat

Give us a call if you want us to troubleshoot or repair your boiler. If your boiler isn't producing any heat at all, check for these common causes:
  • Check the power or circuit breaker to make sure your home boiler is getting power.
  • Check if the boiler water level is low.
  • Ensure the boiler water pressure is adequate.
  • Make sure the natural gas or propane control valve for the burner is open.
  • Relight the standing pilot if it's out.
  • Electronic burner ignition is malfunctioning: On boilers without a standing pilot, troubleshoot the electronic ignition system.

The Boiler Is Heating Poorly

Common problems that would cause a boiler not to heat properly include:
  • Incorrect water level or pressure.
  • Mineral deposits may be accumulating in the boiler and heat exchanger.
  • The expansion tank has the wrong amount of water.

Water is Leaking Around Your Boiler

​If you find a leak around your boiler, then you may have one of the following:
  • You have a faulty circulator. Most repairs to the circulator (pump) require a service technician.
  • Leaking circulator.
  • Leaking or faulty boiler pressure-relief valve.
  • Leaking water pipe.
If you have water around your boiler, give us a call to repair this. Even a small leak can lead to damage to the property if unchecked.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
Heating Replacement

Home Furnace Replacement in Fountain, Black Forest, Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs, and Surrounding Service Areas.

You have to recognize the signs and symptoms that show your furnace is in need of replacement. Heaters that are more than 15 years old should be considered for replacement or you could be wasting money in frequent repairs. The worn-out parts of an old heater start consuming higher energy and do not provide heating at the optimum level. Take advantage of new heating systems currently available in the market. These devices are highly energy efficient. The new furnaces are smaller, safer, and easier to operate than earlier models. Call Basset Heating & Air Conditioning for any type of heater replacement Colorado Springs service.

Home Heating System Issues to Watch For

Our expert HVAC technicians will help you select the right model of heating system for your specific needs. They will take into account your budget, preferences, and home design. Avoid continuing to use a heater that is not working properly. If you notice your room remains too cold despite increasing the furnace temperature to the highest level, it may be time to replace it. Our home heating service technicians will take a look at your heater and help you determine if it can be repaired or it is time to replace it. If you have started receiving higher energy bills, the culprit could be an inefficient heater, proper calibrating air heating, or your recovery ventilators. Loud or weird noises coming from the furnace is another indication that your system is in need of diagnostics, repair or replacement.

Expert Furnace Replacement

Your furnace should be replaced only by qualified and expert technicians. We have specialists and skilled technicians with knowledge of all types of heaters. They can replace different makes and models of heat pumps, New HVAC systems, and other types of home heating units. They can replace one or many components of a heating system, heat pump ductless or replace the complete unit. The technicians make sure the new HVAC system complies with the local Regional Building Department.

Call Basset Heating for all your Furnace Replacement needs in Fountain, Black Forest, Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs, and Surrounding Service Areas.  719-392-0032

Furnace Repair

Heating and Furnace Repair in Fountain/Black Forest/Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs and Surrounding Service Areas

The effectiveness of a furnace declines after several years of use. Depending on how much and for how many hours a day it is used, it may stop performing optimally after just a few years of purchase. If you notice the room remains slightly cold even when you move the thermostat to the highest temperature setting, your furnace is in need of repair. Let Basset Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. do the work for you. We have expert technicians who can diagnose any type of problem in a heater. We will fix your heater problem quickly and affordably.

Furnace Repair for Optimal Performance

Sometimes the furnace stops working completely. You may be in need of emergency repair service for your heater. There is no need to live in cold environment when your heater stops functioning properly. An inefficient heater or heater blowing cold air, will keep consuming the same amount of electricity even when it is not heating optimally. This is when you need to call a professional for help.

Our Expert Team

We have a team of talented heating service experts who have vast knowledge and experience in this hvac services field. They are experts in repairing different makes and models of heaters. Due to their experience, expertise and knowledge, they will diagnose and fix the heater problem quickly or recommend a new furnace. Stop unnecessary time-wasting  and let Basset Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc find, diagnose the problem and have a fix or repair solution. Whether your furnace has stopped working completely, a part of it has broken down, or it is not functioning optimally, you can depend on us for proper  solutions. Our technicians go to great lengths to ensure your heating system or heating furnace problem is fixed quickly and affordably. Enjoy the comfort you deserve during these cold months by using our home heating services.  Call us now and our expert heater repair technicians will take care of everything for you.

Looking for Heating Furnace Repair in Fountain, Black Forest, Colorado Springs our service Areas? Give Basset Heating and Air Conditioning a call today! 719-392-0032

Heating Maintenance

Heater or Furnace Maintenance in Fountain|Black Forest|Manitou Springs| Colorado Springs and Surrounding Service Areas

Furnace maintenance is an important process that will keep your heating system working optimally. The indoor temperature of a home determines how comfortable the homeowners are. To facilitate a productive and conducive environment, it is important that the heating system works well. If you live in the El Paso county area, Basset Heating can help ensure that your home is comfortable, all year long.

Heating System Maintenance

Basset Heating assists customers in making heating and air conditioning decisions that are suitable for their home. The company offers professional furnace installation and repair services for a wide range of brands. We strongly believe that heater maintenance can resolve problems even before they trouble the customers. Basset Heating technicians are factory trained and competent at their jobs. They are known for their professional and friendly attitude.  Every furnace requires regular maintenance checks in order to ensure that it is working smoothly and offer superior performance. When you opt for maintenance of the heating system, the Basset Heating team of technicians will visit your home and conduct a detailed inspection to ensure that the heating system works efficiently.

The Basset Home Heating Service Assurance

BassetHeating believes in giving its customers the very best service. To this end, it makes some truly spectacular offers. Our company is so confident in our services that we promise if we do not fix the problem, we will not charge you. Furthermore, while most other companies offer a 30-day warranty on its services, Basset Heating offers a 12-month guarantee on parts and labor that our technicians have repaired. Our company offers many services such as water heater repair and replacement, light plumbing, and air conditioning, which are of interest to the customers. Basset Heating understands how important it is for a heating or cooling system to work effectively, and to this end, they offer prompt and competent service. This is one of the reasons why many customers call the company their ‘go-to’ specialists for heating and cooling issues.

For Heater, Heating Furnace Repair or Furnace Maintenance in Fountain, Black Forest, Manitou Springs, and Colorado Springs all Surrounding Service Areas, contact us today!  719-392-0032

Heating Tune-Up

Furnace Tune-Up in Colorado Springs and Surrounding Areas

Dirt and neglect have the capacity to cause unwanted heating system failures. A well-maintained heater operates optimally and cost-effectively. Taking advantage of affordable, professional furnace tune-up services is a sure-fire way to keep the system in great condition. Routine maintenance allows you to save considerable amounts of money on costly repairs. It makes it easier to detect and prevent potential problems before they worsen. Service providers typically conduct methodical checks to identify potential issues. The inspections are aimed at ensuring that the system continues working according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Energy-Efficient Heating System

The majority of companies provide a maintenance warranty to ensure your peace of mind. It has never been easier to enjoy maximum comfort, energy efficiency, and reliability. The maintenance work is typically carried out twice a year to prevent the most common operational malfunctions. The best time to conduct the recommended tune-up service tasks is in the fall. Some of the maintenance work provided includes replacing filters to ensure proper airflow. Clogged filters have the capacity to cause premature malfunctions by straining the heater. In addition, they contribute to a reduction in energy efficiency.

Tune-Up Services

Heater tune-up services can also involve upgrades to a digital programmable thermostat. The upgrade is a simple way to enhance energy efficiency. In some cases, the maintenance tasks cover the trimming of shrubs and bushes that may be blocking heat pump condensers located outdoors. The relative humidity of the home must stay below 40 percent RH to save energy and make it more comfortable. Drafts on windows and doors can waste energy. An improperly tuned burner also negatively impacts fuel efficiency. Basset Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. provides professional tune-up service in Fountain, Colorado Springs, and surrounding communities.

Contact us for Furnace Tune-Up in Colorado Springs and Surrounding Areas. Call Us: 719-392-0032

Heater Installation

Why is proper furnace installation important?

The expert installation makes it possible for a new heating system to work for a long period of time. Most professional companies have acquired a lot of experience in the installation and are therefore aware of some of the things that may eventually cause complications. Proper furnace installation keeps the home environment in a healthy condition because air circulation is flawless. Individuals within the home will have a more relaxed and comfortable time throughout the day or night. Our installations meet all current and national code requirements to ensure the safe operation of your new furnace.

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Heater Installation in Colorado Springs and Surrounding Areas

There are many local companies that provide professional furnace installation and replacement services in El Paso County. To identify a suitable company, talk to friends or homeowners who may have already installed properly working heating systems. Comparing company reviews is another way to identify the most suitable installation company to work with. we install Amana furnace and air conditioners
Heating Services
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