Boiler Repair Services in Colorado Springs & Fountain

Boilers provide heat and hot water in a home. Every so often, boiler repair becomes necessary. Like everything else, a boiler can develop problems. Boiler repairs can be conducted without calling a plumbing company.

Minor repairs can grow into major issues if they aren’t handled by an experienced and professional repair company. At Basset Heating & Air Conditioning, our boiler technicians and engineers will get the job will be done right the first time, every time.

Common Boiler Problems

The Boiler Doesn’t Produce Heat

Give us a call if you want us to troubleshoot or repair your boiler. If your boiler isn’t producing any heat at all, check for these common causes:

  • Check the power or circuit breaker to make sure your home boiler is getting power.
  • Check if the boiler water level is low.
  • Ensure the boiler water pressure is adequate.
  • Make sure the natural gas or propane control valve for the burner is open.
  • Relight the standing pilot if it’s out.
  • Electronic burner ignition is malfunctioning: On boilers without a standing pilot, troubleshoot the electronic ignition system.

The Boiler Is Heating Poorly

Common problems that would cause a boiler not to heat properly include:

  • Incorrect water level or pressure.
  • Mineral deposits may be accumulating in the boiler and heat exchanger.
  • The expansion tank has the wrong amount of water.

Water is Leaking Around Your Boiler

​If you find a leak around your boiler, then you may have one of the following:

  • You have a faulty circulator. Most repairs to the circulator (pump) require a service technician.
  • Leaking circulator.
  • Leaking or faulty boiler pressure-relief valve.
  • Leaking water pipe.

If you have water around your boiler, give us a call to repair this. Even a small leak can lead to damage to the property if unchecked.