Colorado Springs

I am in the process or purchasing a new home (first time-yay!) & there have been issues with the furnace not working properly when the inspections are being done. The furnace would turn on but only stay on for a few minutes, even though the temp that was set, had not been obtained. My realtor said they would get it taken care of, as I was naturally very upset & this is delaying me closing on the house. They had a company come out 2 times, each time saying they had fixed it & each time guess whatit wasnt fixed. My boyfriends Mom mentioned to me that I should find someone to fix it & just bill the realtor & she had used Basset Heating before & highly recommended them. So, I called them & they were awesome over the phone, even though admittedly I may have been a little rude-as I was frustrated. They were able to come out with in an hour & look at it. Mike (who is the owner, I believe) showed up & was super nice & found the problem in a matter of minutes & had it fixed not long after. Im still sitting here asking myself what the heck the other company was doing?!? Mike even chatted with me about this being my first home that Im buying & shared a story of the first home he bought. I just thought that was awesome. He didnt rush off after the job was done, he talked with me & it actually helped calm me down. Im very high strung right now, ha ha ha :p Anyway what I am trying to say through all this is that I was truly satisfied with the service I got from Basset. They went above & beyond & that is why I was willing to take time to write this reviewso that others can see & hopefully use them as well. Thanks again Mike!

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