Colorado Springs

THE RESULTS! Clinton, the tech, arrived with a smile on his face and was eager to start the job. He commenced the work immediately! He was extremely personable. He was joined by Sawyer Electric Ray & Ty who had also previously done electrical work for us. Midway through the job, Basset Heating owner, Mike came by to inspect the progress. I just happened to ask if we needed to have a new thermostat . Mike looked at the quote, and said, I dont see it here, but Ill have Clinton install a new one anyway no charge. (Is that class, or what!!) When finished, Clinton spent over a half-hour walking throught the warranty, warnings, and inspection/test of the new install. PROFESSIONAL! PROFESSIONAL! PROFESSIONAL! THIS is the company that you want to service your heating and A/C.PERIOD! We were initially introduced to Basset through Ty & Ray from Sawyer Electric. We were having some electrical work done and they saw a brochure on air conditioning lying on a table, asking if we were looking to have a/c work done. They couldnt have been more spot-on! Having met Mike, we were convinced that no one else would do the work. (A competing company supplied a quote, during which the salesperson kept saying how difficult the job would be, that he would only supply an estimate, and intimated that the job would likely go much higher. 3 days later the competitor finally emailed a quote, which ended up being more than a $1000 higher than Basset!!) Suffice it to say, BASSET HEATING & A/C is THE company to work for you! (Our Chows even loved Clinton, the tech!)

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