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Many people suffer the effects of sick building syndrome.  Yet many are unaware that they are being inflicted by this rather common problem.  Sick building syndrome is the result of poor indoor air quality.   Many indoor air pollutants may be present in your home or workplace.  Indoor air quality (IAQ) will impact your health and how you feel. There are ways to improve indoor air quality in your home.

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Studies have shown that most people spend 75-90% of their time indoors.   The effects of airborne pollutants are many.  (You can read more about it in this article  by the EPA).  So how can we improve our indoor air quality in our home while also improving our health and well being?

Almost every home and building is polluted with VOCs (volatile organic compounds).  Sources of VOC within a home include insulating materials, tobacco smoke, paper bags, plastics,cosmetics, disinfectants, air fresheners, household cleaning chemicals and many more. But these VOCs can be neutralized or eliminated by use of an indoor air quality product.

Some of the best IAQ products on the market today to improve indoor air quality are Reme’s Guardian Air products.  They reduce odors, particulates, air pollutants, smoke, mold, bacteria, viruses as well as VOCs.  It’s installed directly in the home’s air duct system and works with your home’s furnace, AC or air handler to combat VOCs and other indoor air quality nuisances.

Having a device such as the Reme Halo  or Guardian QR+  installed in your home’s HVAC   system will greatly improve your own and your family’s overall health and well being.  Effects of indoor air pollutants   are many, including having adverse reactions to allergies, breathing difficulties, overall health and can also cause fatigue, drowsiness and trouble concentrating.

The Reme products are IMO the best on the market today to improve indoor air quality in your home’s IAQ.  They are not the least expensive (ranging from $700-950 installed). But as the saying goes….you get what you pay for.

And when it comes to protecting you and your family’s health and well being, is any investment too large?  For more articles from us about IAQ, visit our website and view our previous blogs.
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