Importance of HVAC system maintenance

Now that warmer weather is upon us here in the Colorado Springs area, it cannot be overstated about the importance of HVAC system maintenance. We routinely see many service calls come in every air conditioning season regarding complaints about the AC system is not cooling well, or not cooling at all. Often we find that a little preventive maintenance would have corrected the problem.

Probably the number one reason for system failure is dirt. Whether its a dirty filter or dirty and plugged up coils, this can not only lead to poor performance of the air conditioner, but in some cases component failure and expensive repairs. It is important to have both your heating and cooling systems inspected and serviced every year to maintain peak performance, as well as to detect possible problems before they turn into expensive repairs. Yes, something as simple as a dirty or plugged up air filter can cause your AC system to stop cooling completely.

Most homes here in Colorado have a split-system air conditioner that utilizes the homes furnace as the air handler. That is, the furnace works with the AC system in order to deliver the cold air thru the duct system. Many homeowners forget to change the furnace filters during the summer months, not knowing this same filter works for the AC system as well as the heating system. When the filter(s) becomes plugged, it creates too much of a pressure drop across the indoor AC coil that can cause the coil to ice up, thus reducing airflow thru the duct system resulting in a hot home.

Dirty or plugged coils in the outdoor condensing unit can cause pressures in the system to run too high, not only resulting in loss of efficiency and performance, but it can also damage or shorten the life of the compressor, which is the heart of the system (and also the most expensive component to replace).

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