Furnace Service in Colorado Springs

Has your furnace suddenly stopped working? If your furnace has stopped heating your home in the Colorado Springs area, there are numerous possibilities as to what the problem may be.
Many times a malfunctioning furnace can simply be a maintenance issue where a professional cleaning and tune up will have your system back up and running to peak performance levels.

furnace Repair Colorado SpringsOther times there may be a more serious problem such as a failed part. Either way, its best to have your system checked by a licensed hvac professional to determine the exact cause of the problem as well as inspect the furnace for any other potential future problems that may arise.

We often receive calls from homeowners about their furnace not coming on and many believe it is due to a bad thermostat. More often than not, however, the thermostat is not the culprit. Todays modern furnaces will often go into lockout mode if a fault is detected while the furnace is in the heating mode. By resetting the power to the furnace, either by turning off the electrical switch to the furnace and turning it back on, or by doing so through the thermostat, the furnace will re-boot, similar to a computer. The furnace will attempt to come on, and may even start a heating cycle. But if the fault that caused the initial lockout is still present, the furnace will eventually go into lockout mode again, thus leaving you in the cold.

If you hear a loud humming or buzzing noise when your furnace is trying to come on, the likely cause is a seized up motor. Todays modern furnaces have two motors; the main circulating blower motor and the draft inducer (or vent) motor. If either motor has seized up it needs to be replaced. A few times over the years I have found the draft motor seized up due to a bird that has gotten into the vent system and found its way to the draft motors blower wheel, preventing it from coming on. This problem is usually an easy fix (although theres no helping the poor little bird in this case).

Other common repair issues we see in furnaces are failed ignitors, blocked vents (or drains in high efficiency furnaces), failed circuit boards or plugged burners, just to name a few.

Furnaces involve combustible gas and electricity therefore its recommended to leave the repairs to a qualified hvac professional Colorado Springs.

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