Furnace heating maintenance

Did you know that the number one cause of furnace and home heating problems in the Colorado Springs area is dirt? Yes, thats right..dirt! The vast majority of our service calls for heating repair in residential homes is failure of the furnace to maintain thermostat set temperature, or to even not work at all, due to a dirty and neglected furnace. Furnace heating maintenance is critical.

Todays modern furnaces, even more so than older models, require regular maintenance to keep the system working properly and heat the home as desired. A neglected and dirty furnace will result in heating problems that will make you cold and uncomfortable, particularly on the coldest days of winter.

Most modern furnaces will shut down and go into what is called lockout mode when a problem occurs. Something as minor as a dirty sensor or plugged filter can cause this situation to occur. Many furnaces will auto-reset after a period of time (usually an hour). But if the problem that caused the initial lockout to occur still exists, the furnace will eventually go into a lockout mode again. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away.

The solution? Call Basset Heating & Air Conditioning and have your furnace heating system professionally inspected and cleaned. A well maintained furnace is far less likely to cause you unwanted problems with your homes heating system, and thus leave you feeling cold and uncomfortable in the middle of a cold winter day or night.

Older furnaces should also be serviced and cleaned on an annual basis, but newer model utilizing electronic ignition components are even more likely to develope problems if not maintained properly. Also keep in mind that by NOT having your new furnace serviced on an annual basis, the manufacturer may not honor the warranty. Think of buying a new car and never changing the oil! This is a recipe for component parts failure, and it applies to your furnace as well.

Home heating systems should be checked and serviced every year. Dont wait until it breaks down to schedule this service. This could result in costly repairs such as a motor overheating due to too much accumulated dirt, and thus needing to be replaced.

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