Why should I install central air conditioning in a mild climate?

Most Colorado Springs homes are fine with no AC system for all but 4 weeks out of the year. But those 4 weeks can be miserably hot in your home.

While Colorado may have milder summers than other parts of the country, there are still many reasons why you may want to consider installing central air conditioning in your home in Colorado springs.

Increased indoor comfort

The air doesn’t need to feel cold to be comfortable. Even setting your home at 78º in the summer can make a massive difference and save on your electricity costs. Even in a mild climate, temperatures can reach high levels during the summer months, and central air conditioning can help keep your home cool and comfortable, even on the hottest days.

Improved indoor air quality

Central air conditioning can help improve indoor air quality by circulating clean, filtered air throughout your home, which can help reduce allergens, dust, and other pollutants. We also can install indoor air quality products to fully sanitize your air and kill germs and viruses.

Better sleep

High temperatures and humidity can make it difficult to sleep, and central air conditioning can help create a more comfortable sleeping environment, which can lead to better sleep and improved overall health. If you have children, this can even prevent them from waking up multiple times throughout the night.

Increased property value

Having central air conditioning in your home can make it more attractive to potential buyers and can increase the value of your property.

If you have PMI, or private mortgage insurance, on your home loan, adding central AC can help reduce or eliminate the PMI burden, saving you hundreds each month.

Increased energy efficiency

If you use window units or portable air conditioners, those can be a real drain on your electricity. Running them constantly can really add up while not doing a great job at cooling your home. A central air conditioning system can be more energy efficient than window units or portable air conditioners, which can help reduce energy costs.

Reduced wear and tear

Central air conditioning can help reduce wear and tear on your home’s windows and doors, which can help prolong the life of these components.

Today’s central air conditioning systems are designed with energy efficiency and improved technology in mind, so they can be more efficient and cost-effective than older models.

In summary, installing central air conditioning in a mild climate like Colorado can help increase comfort, improve indoor air quality, promote better sleep, increase property value, reduce wear and tear on your home, and improved technology can also help reduce energy costs. Consult with a qualified HVAC professional to determine if a central air conditioning system is the right choice for your home.

In the News: Why get a tune-up, crawlspace encapsulation, and we’re hiring!

Annual tune-ups of your A/C system can save you thousands in the long-run. Doing routine maintenance on your Air Conditioner system spots problems before they grow into larger, more expensive issues, and keeps things running to stop problems from even starting.

We also discuss duct cleaning and crawlspace encapsulation, which dramatically improves the indoor air quality of your home.

How much does central air conditioning (AC) cost?

how much central ac costA new central air conditioning installation cost can be $4000 – $5000 in Colorado Springs.

Many homes in the area are not equipped with this luxury. As Colorado Springs natives, we know there are a few weeks in the summer where you wish you had AC.

Homes with a central air conditioning system installed bring comfort to those inside during the hot days of summer. Due to the high altitude in Colorado Springs, the sun is more intense and can cause a home without central AC to feel rather uncomfortable during the warmer months, even during 75 degree days. A properly sized and professionally installed AC system will maintain comfortable temperatures inside the home, even during those rare triple-digit heat waves that sometimes occur here in southern Colorado.

Open windows or fans aren’t a great alternative to Central AC

Homeowners without central AC in their home will often leave windows open during the summer months in an effort to help keep the house cooler. Not very effective. And open windows are an invitation to burglars that your home is an easy target for their ill intentions. In fact, burglars target homes with open windows or even window type air conditioners for easy access into the home. So not only will central AC help make your home comfortable, it’ll also add a layer of protection from home burglary.

Estimate for Central AC Cost in Colorado Springs

We offer free, no-obligation estimates. The best way to see what an AC system would cost is to have us give you a free estimate.

Schedule a free, no-obligation estimate today

Many factors are involved when determining the cost of installing central AC in a home. Brand, size of the unit, and location of the indoor furnace or air handler will affect these costs.

Other factors include the existing electrical panel in the home. (Some older homes require a panel upgrade or a sub-panel to be installed to meet the electrical requirements of adding a new circuit for the AC). Most all newer homes constructed after 2000 will have a large enough electrical panel. Our customers say it’s the best investment they’ve ever made for home comfort. Because of all of the many factors, we can’t say that a new AC system will cost $3,000 or $10,000. It’s different for everyone.

However, we can send one of our team members out to tell you exactly how much it would be for your specific home or building to install or upgrade your central air system.

Sell your home quicker with Central Air

Adding central AC to your home is an investment. Like any investment, you basically get what you pay for. Poorly installed, a new central AC system is a poor investment. Professionally and properly installed, a new central AC system will add value to your home and provide years of comfort to those living inside the home.

If you’re looking to sell your home, central AC will add a ton of value and help it sell quicker. Very few homes in Colorado Springs have an air conditioner installed, so it will definitely set you apart in the El Paso County housing market.

Keep in mind that the quality of the installation has as much to do with (if not more so) than the brand or cost of the installation. This is why it is important to choose the right contractor for the job.

Typically, you can expect to pay between $4,000-5000 to have a quality central AC system installed in your home. People often ask us how much does a central ac cost? You can always find a contractor willing to do it for less. But beware! If the price is too low, there’s probably a reason for this. Are they licensed? Are they cutting corners? Are they pulling the required permits? All too often I’ve come across poorly installed AC systems where the installing contractor is no longer in business, and in the long run, the homeowner ends up paying more to have the system flaws corrected.

At Basset Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., we take the necessary steps to ensure your new system will provide years of trouble-free operation by performing a quality installation and the proper start-up procedures. So, how much does central ac cost? In the end, it’s up to you. You can shop around for the “best” price. And you’ll likely get what you pay for.

Get a quote for a new Air Conditioning Unit

If you’d like to get a free quote on installing central air conditioning in your home in Colorado Springs, please fill out our form here and request a quote. Our friendly staff will contact you to schedule a free, no pressure, no-obligation appointment. We offer affordable service for all budgets.


furnace preventive maintenance

Today’s article will address the importance of furnace preventive maintenance. On a recent service call in the Colorado Springs area I had to replace a blower motor in a furnace that had failed due to neglect. Not neglect on the part of the homeowner, but rather neglect on the part of the home builder.


Air Conditioning Tips

Central air conditioning tips for summer

Keeping your Colorado Springs home cool and comfortable during the summer months can sometimes be a challenge. If your home has a central air conditioning system, here are a few Summer home cooling tips that will ensure your AC is working at peak performance levels.


Air conditioning refrigerant hazard

Air conditioning refrigerant hazard

New AC being installed and tested

Your homes central air conditioning system uses refrigerant, commonly referred to many as freon, to help cool down your home during the hot summer months. But did you know that freon, when inhaled, can cause severe respiratory problems, and even death? This Air conditioning refrigerant hazard poses a risk to teenagers and young adults who have discovered that by removing freon from AC units and inhaling the gas (commonly called huffing), they can achieve a quick, but brief high.


Why does my AC system freeze up?

Its almost that time of year when homeowners across the Colorado Springs area will be turning on their air conditioning systems for the first time this season. One of the questions I hear most from homeowners during the summer months is Why does my AC system freeze up?


Importance of HVAC system maintenance

Importance of HVAC system maintenance

Now that warmer weather is upon us here in the Colorado Springs area, it cannot be overstated about the importance of HVAC system maintenance. We routinely see many service calls come in every air conditioning season regarding complaints about the AC system is not cooling well, or not cooling at all. Often we find that a little preventive maintenance would have corrected the problem.


Water leaking from air conditioner coil

Summary: This is often an easy and inexpensive fix. However, if the water leaks on other components for too long, it could damage more expensive parts. Contact us to get a quick repair quote.

Water is leaking from my Air Conditioner (AC) coil

Every year we receive calls from frantic homeowners stating that there is water leaking from the air conditioner coil on top of the furnace. Since your home’s central air conditioner does not use water to cool the home, where does this water come from? And why is it leaking?

Where does the water on my AC coil come from?

Water leaking from air conditioner coilSplit-system AC units produce condensation moisture on the indoor evaporator coil while removing humidity from inside the home. This moisture runs down the coil and into a drain pan located below the coil, where it is then diverted out to a drain (normally a floor drain, or into a condensate pump if no floor drain is available).

If water is leaking out from the edges of the coil, and onto and down the side of the furnace and onto the floor, chances are you have a plugged drain opening that is causing the drain pan to overflow. It’s also possible that your drain pan is cracked, or in the cases of older coils, rusted through. But well over 95% of these situations are merely caused by a plugged condensate drain, which is easily corrected.

If you see water leaking out from your indoor AC coil, it is very important to have this repaired immediately. Not only can the leaking water cause damage to the home’s floor, carpet, etc, but water leaking into the furnace can result in damaged components and expensive repairs. Turn off your AC unit immediately if you notice a leak from the coil, and contact us to have the problem corrected.

Do you have water around your furnace or AC coil?

In most cases, this is just an easily-corrected minor problem. But if left alone, it can result in expensive repairs.

Schedule an appointment for a no-obligation estimate to see if your unit needs repair and how much that will be. We are a repair-first company and want to help you keep your system running as long as possible.