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Now that warmer weather is upon us here in the Rockies, it’s important to ensure your home’s AC air conditioning spring checklist is in order and that your air conditioning system is ready for the months ahead. We highly recommend that you have your AC system serviced and inspected yearly by a qualified HVAC company. In the meantime, here are a few things homeowners can check to prep the AC system for use.

Check and replace all air filters used in the system. If you have a central heating and cooling system, these will be the same filter(s) that are used for the furnace. The outdoor AC condenser in a residential home split system unit will not have any filters.

If you covered the outdoor unit for the winter months, make sure to remove this cover before operating the AC system. Running the air conditioner with the cover in place can severely damage the unit. Also, check and ensure the breaker switch to the outdoor unit is turned on.

Inspect the outdoor coils and make sure they are clean and unobstructed. Remove any dirt, tree pollen, leaves, etc or anything else that may inhibit airflow. Inspect the lineset and make sure the insulation is still in place.

Make sure all indoor supply registers are open and uncovered. This includes all return air grilles.

We recommend waiting until it is above 70 degrees before turning your air conditioning system on. If your AC system doe not seem to be operating properly, call Basset Heating & Air Conditioning at 719-392-0032 to schedule an AC system service and inspection. We can fully test and inspect your air conditioning system and make sure that it is ready to perform during the hot summer months that lie ahead. If your system needs to be replaced, we provide free written estimates upon request.

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